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When There Was Me and You


"When There Was Me and You" Vanessa Hudgens (High School Musical 1)

It’s funny when you find yourself
Looking from the outside
I’m standing here but all I want
Is to be over there

Why did I let myself believe
Miracles could happen
Cause now I have to pretend
That I don’t really care

I thought you were my fairytale
A dream when I’m not sleeping
A wish upon a star
That’s coming true

But everybody else could tell
That I confused my feelings with the truth
When there was me and you

I swore I knew the melody
That I heard you singing
And when you smiled
You made me feel
Like I could sing along

But then you went and changed the words
Now my heart is empty
I’m only left with used-to-be’s
Once upon a song

Now I know you’re not a fairytale
And dreams were meant for sleeping
And wishes on a star
Just don’t come true

Cause now even I can tell
That I confused my feelings with the truth
Cause I liked the view
When there was me and you

I can’t believe that
I could be so blind
It’s like you were floating
While I was falling

And I didn’t mind
Cause I liked the view
Thought you felt it too
When there was me and you



"Di ako aasa, para ‘di ako masaktan" – Angel Locsin, Lobo (2008)

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