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In need of a change? Why not spend a week in California? Whatever you choose, there are peaceful spots by pristine shores and lively resorts with colorful nightlife waiting for you. has tied up with San Diego Vacation Rentals and Newport Beach Vacation Rentals, well-known directory that features some of the world’s most unique vacation rentals making dream destinations accessible and affordable.

You can plan a special package according to the style of holiday you want. One option is to go to San Diego. San Diego is famous for its wonderful weather, great beaches, shopping, and laid-back Southern Californian hospitality. Begin your vacation today by booking one of these wonderful vacation rentals in San Diego County or perhaps book an accommodation located on the best beachfront in Newport Beach, California.

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  1. I actually do plan to go to San Diego during the summer. Visiting some family, but the weather there is totally gorgeous. The beaches are really amazing

  2. san diego is a great place to visit. I Was there in ’06 and had a blast. I went down with some friends and we toured all around California. Such a pleasant change of environment from boring old east coast ;).

  3. I wish I could afford going to San Diego, or just about anywhere in the USA.

    I never got the chance to visit there and Im might sorry for it.

    I might consider this at my next annual vacation.

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  4. Thanks for the tip. I forget about these hotel discount sites.

  5. Thanks for the great post? I am wondering if they accept master card or only visa :S

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  6. is a nice service. California here I come!

  7. I would be happy to go anywhere in the USA, because I live in Finland =P Maybe Ill go to California someday 😉

  8. I have never been to California before. I want to get there one day. That’d be sweet.

  9. its very interesting subject thank for you

  10. great read thank you 🙂

  11. I live in San Diego. It’s very very expensive but I think it’s worth it. I’ve traveled to other parts of the country and I’m totally spoiled being in San Diego for so long.

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  12. Dude I’d love to go there!
    The only problem is I live overseas and flights are not so cheap to go the US…

  13. nice place to holiday, im from bali.

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  14. Good advice thanks..

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  15. I really need to take a vacation with my family ( wife and kid) I been working too much this year that I haven’t spent quality time with them.. probably I should look into Southern California.

    thanks for the advice

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  16. Great stuff. Nice to read some well written posts. A long way between them.

  17. you cant do san diego without a trip up to mission bay. one of the most beautiful beaches in cali. a definite must see.

    Kim ♠Free Live Chat

  18. Great post, great place…

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  19. Great post, will have to go one day for definite!

  20. Interesting suggestion. I haven’t really considered San Diego but I can check. Affordable vacation cuts it.

    Regards, David

  21. One more thing, gorgeous beaches are awesome for the summer. Maybe, I can really consider it.

    Regards, David

  22. It’s been years since I went to California. I loved it there, so sunny and great jewelry stores and Disneyland of course 🙂
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  23. San Diego is a great place. The beaches are the most eye catching and the best feature of it. I would suggest every one to visit here once. That is really awesome. Thanks for sharing such a nice post.

  24. I am going to Cali in a few weeks and am actually staying in San Diego. Very nice post and glad I found it!
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  25. Don’t try to do all of San Diego in one day, Old Town Trolley offers multi-day passes for your convenience.

  26. Yes, I am in need of change lol. Thanks it’s awesome.

  27. I would not mind going there at all! Now I’ve got something to save up for.

  28. Thanks for the tips on these rental places. I am sure one of them will have what I am looking for.

  29. Heading to San Diego within the week thanks a lot for the info!
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  30. California and Navda are realy amazing countries to visit, in my last trip I was in LA,Las Vegas and San Fransisco, I also visited the national parks and realy enjoyed it!

  31. Many institutions limit access to their online information. Making this information available will be an asset to all.

  32. I love Sunny Cali. I went there for the first time earlier this month and even though it’s October over there it truly is always sunny.
    .-= Music Videos´s last blog ..Happy =-.

  33. Very nice place to holiday indeed!

  34. was just watching a movie on san diego – looks like a great place to live in.

  35. California – here I come!
    .-= Fix Problems With XBox360´s last blog .. =-.

  36. Was in San Diego this summer. Amazing place, gorgeous weather. Can’t wait to go back this spring!
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  37. I want to go there….its really awesome to be there……

    keep writing the invoking posts

    hope to see you at blog of mine

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  38. The beaches are the the majority eye catching and the paramount characteristic of it. I would call to mind all solitary to visit now some time ago. That is really breathtaking. Thanks instead of sharing such a fine column.

  39. Ive been to San fran and I cant wait to get back. What do you think is a great destination for some relaxation in the day and partying at night. I aslo would love to visit some of those famous Bakery and restaurants.

  40. Visit Udaipur its really a Nic Pleace for all to visit
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  41. definatelly Crete… the biggest crete island

  42. i liked the theme you used for you website , the top logo is good too, visit my website for 2nd hand goods.

  43. California is a good place for vacation. There are lots of experiences which are really enjoyable like horseback riding and many more. Thanks.

  44. Nice share Admin! Keep posting helpful contents and Ill keep coming back for more!

  45. I also went to California during my vacation. It’s really nice one to travel.

  46. Great post.thanks for share.california is a good place for vacation.

  47. i wish i could visit the place but for now it seems less chances to visit.

  48. The beaches are the the majority eye catching and the paramount characteristic of it. I wish I can visit such a beach also.

  49. It’s definitely perfect post!
    Thanks a ton,
    Penny Auction!

  50. I’ve never been over as far as the west coast, but I’ll definitely check out San Diego when I do

  51. I love the place so much I live there 🙂

    But really, it wasn’t as much fun this summer in 2010, it was kinda cold.

  52. thanks people for the post. summer is just around the corner now! bring on 2010

  53. Thanks for this mate. But surely I would like to go on trip with my family. It is been long time I went on the trip. But thanks for this. Will surely go once. 🙂


  54. thanks for sharing..i want to California this time..waiting for my holidays.

  55. I love California, would love to spend some holls there. Hoping to be in San Diego for summer!

  56. Yes San Diego is AWESOME! I live here in Mission Beach – a stones throw from the waves – Really is paradise – All of the benefit of LA without any of the negative.

  57. I think california is a good place for a vacation

  58. Lovely place to visit L.A I was there last year really nice time and pleasant people.

  59. Great place to visit i enjoyed it thoroughly , Nice ppl nice weather

  60. I really love the way you write this article, its seems that youre very knowledgeable on the subject matter.

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